Travel Inspo: Air Transat Goes To Rome






rome-6Inspo via Pinterest.

As I pack for a last minute trip to Mexico on Monday, I’m already thinking about the next places I want to go. If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you will know that I love pretty much every country in Europe. I have always felt a tie to Europe, knowing that my family was from there and longing to discover more about it. You probably don’t know this, but my International Relations concentration was actually focussed on Eastern Europe.

This Monday, Air Transat hosted a FRICKEN AMAZING event at the Dirty Apron to promote their newest direct flight to ROME! MY HAPPY PLACE! Rome was one of the first cities I travelled too on my own and it was in Rome that I learned so much about myself. I would walk through every edge of the city for over 10 hours, ruining all of my shoes but never getting tired. Every person I met greeted you with a smile and the city was so full of that “Italian humor” we always here so much about.

Air Transat is now offering flights to over 28 European cities in 13 different countries. That Rome flight I mentioned is as low as $800 for a flight in June, how cheap is that?!? They also offer more than 300 unique packages and a vast selection of hotels. They have also recently added Prague, Budapest and Zagreb to their roster, making Eastern Europe an affordable and attainable option for anyone.

By the way, one of the best features about booking with Air Transat is that you can land in one European city, and depart from another at no additional cost. Just ask for the ‘Open-Jaw options!

PS. This post was NOT sponsored by Air Transat, A good deal is worth sharing!