IHG Destination – Toronto

This week I have had the pleasure of discovering Toronto. A place that was never on my bucket list, but has nonetheless surprised me. Once you get past the freezing cold temperatures and the weird sewer smell of downtown – it’s actually pretty great! There is a ton of character in this city and a lot of unique restaurants to go. We went to the Sultan’s Tent while on this trip. I wouldn’t say it’s the nicest place I’ve gone to. It was a little shabby inside, but it was definitely unique. The Interior was Moroccan style, drapes all around the restaurant and booths that were in their own tent with silk cushions along the benches. Very fun, and the food was amazing! Horrible Martini though (sorry, but it’s true!).

I had the pleasure of staying at the Intercontinental – Toronto Centre on this trip and I felt so luxurious! The bed was a dream and so big that I couldn’t figure out which direction I should sleep in.. Horizontal? Vertical? SO MANY CHOICES!!!

Unfortunately, I accidentally erased my images from my card.WHO DOES THAT? I do apparently… but here are a the two that do it no justice at all………

xx Meagan





  • I wouldn’t picked diagonally… but that’s just me. That is a very nice hotel! Did you join in on the dancing at Sultan’s Tent btw?

    -Cory U of CUExperiments | Cory U

    • hahah the hotel actually did them that way! not me !

      As for dancing she tried to get me in on it but i hadn’t had enough drinks yet :p