Best Gifts For A Frequent Traveller


Aspinal of London – Crocodile Passport Holder

This passport holder is a luxurious gift for a frequent traveller, who loves a touch of luxury on the go! I have personally been using this passport holder for the last few months and love the size of it. It’s small and secure, has extra pockets and can fit in my micro-purse. For an added touch, you can get the holder monogrammed!

AWAY – Carry-On Luggage

This hardcase luggage is perfect for anyone who does business on the go. Why? Well it comes with its own USB charging system. You simply charge up your suitcase before you travel, then you can charge up your wireless devices wherever you are in the world. No need for a converter!

Aveeno – Yogurt Moisturizer

Typically, you see travellers recommending sunscreen, while I agree a good sunscreen is VERY important, I also recommend a good body lotion. The more you travel, the more potential damage for your skin. All of those changing environments, water types, pollution etc. can really do a number on your body.

Tobi – Gift Card

This gift card is for perfect for a wander lusting fashionista. Tobi is the perfect online store for finding cute, affordable dresses, rompers, sweaters and more. All of these are also travel-approved and make for the perfect Instagram photo!

Starbucks – Gift Card

You never really realize how important a Starbucks gift card can be until you’re on the road, out of local currency, in a city with 100 Starbucks locations. Not every city will accept your credit card, trust me on this! I have been saved from starvation by a Starbucks gift-card more than once in my life! You can always seem to find one wherever you go!

ANKER – Portable Charger

When fully charged, this bad-boy is good for up to 8 full charges for your cell phone. I’ve even used it to charge my mirrorless camera when I have forgotten to charge up the batteries. I usually take it when travelling, and it often lasts me an entire week while using it to charge throughout the day. Total life saver when you’re addicted to Instagram.

Schick – Gift Sets

For a female traveller, I recommend the Schick Intuition holiday gift set because the razor doesn’t require shaving cream, and the set comes with the cutest and coziest socks. You’ll be glad to have them on a cold airplane one day, trust me! If you’re shopping for a few people, they also have a Schick Hydro Silk set for her, and a Schick Hydro 5 for him! I also travel with my Hydro Silk Trimstyle, it’s trimmer is great for keeping your bikini line in check on the road. These Schick Holiday Gift Packs are available at a variety of retailers across Canada, with a price of $16.99.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Schick Canada as part of their #SchickAmbassador project!