How To Get Festival Ready | With Nair Sensetive Coconut


Music festivals are all of the rage these days, with Coachella being at the top of that hype.
Coachella may be a festival all about music, but there’s no denying that it’s turned into more of
a fashion show than a concert. Not everyone can afford to bring a Chanel bag into the desert
and it can be tough to be surrounded by all of the A-listers and models in attendance without
looking/feeling your best.

That’s why I’m proud to have partnered with Nair to help rebuild confidence in all the festival
bunnies this year. Nair has started a movement with their new Sensitive Coconut line, aimed to
make you #ReadyForAnything. In this case, we’ve teamed up to make you “Festival Ready”.
You see, part of the reason I took a step back from the fashion world was the social pressure.
There’s an unspoken “level” you have to be at to feel welcomed in the community of elite
fashionistas. Some of the most common things women are often judged by is our appearance
and our outfits. If you didn’t measure up, you were often treated differently and even bullied. I
can definitely tell you that there were times where I would second guess the clothes I was
wearing and how I felt in them, leading to a ton of insecurities.


Nair’s mission this season is to help women feel comfortable by saying goodbye to razor
irritation so that we can feel our best no matter what we’re wearing, and no matter the
occasion! As someone with incredibly sensitive skin, I battle with ingrown hairs and razor burn
almost every time I shave. I also used to get incredibly dry legs when travelling, making me
afraid to wear dresses at media events! Let me tell you, I wish I had Nair Sensitive Coconut for
those days.

Nair Sensitive Coconut is made with 100% natural coconut oil and is packed with Vitamin E,
making your legs and body visibly moisturized right after use, which is great for those with
sensitive skin It’s also travel-friendly and incredibly easy to use. I brought the Sensitive Coconut
Shower Power and Glides Away formulas with me to Coachella this season. I only had to use the
Shower Power once to get my legs soft and smooth for the entire weekend because the results
last for up to 6 days longer than shaving!

The Nair Shower Power formula is the quickest and most efficient product to use when you’re
getting ready. Simply apply the product to your body before hopping in the shower. Wait 3
minutes, and rinse while you shower for the day!
The Nair Glides Away formula is the easiest to travel with. While it’s meant for your under arms,
face and bikini region, it’s small size and deodorant-like packaging makes it discreet and easy to
bring on the road. I personally loved that it could fit in my purse, making it easy to travel light!
Nair Sensitive Coconut made my Coachella weekend a breeze, it reduced my prep-time and the
moisturizing properties helped me feel more confident in my denim shorts this year!

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Disclosure: A big thank you to Nair for sponsoring this post and supporting Living Boldly! All
opinions and content are entirely my own.