5 Reasons to Stay at Breathless Riviera Cancun

5 Reasons to Stay at Breathless Riviera Cancun
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I couldn’t wait for the perfect getaway after a long period of hard work and no play. I had been looking forward to a relaxing, peaceful vacation (with a few parties sprinkled in here and there) and Breathless Riviera Cancun popped up as a recommendation from a friend.

Would I go back there? Definitely! Do I recommend the resort? Most certainly! Here are some of the top things that impressed me and the reasons why I believe you should also give Breathless Riviera a try.

The Picturesque View

This one is an obvious, and you’ll just have to take a look at a couple of Breathless pictures to understand what I’m talking about.

There’s a reason why the resort is called Breathless, and I believe that the view has a lot to do with it.

The beach is absolutely amazing. Upon arrival, you’re welcomed by the fine sand underneath your feet and the warm water washing the shore. Surrounded by greenery on all sides, Breathless Riviera Cancun is a little island of tranquility and beauty.

The palm trees, the perfectly cleaned swimming pools scattered between the sections, the exterior design and the cleanliness all work together to impress visitors right from the start.

Here’s a little tip from me – if you could, make sure to book an ocean front room or suite. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the deep, endless blue of the ocean throughout your stay (make sure you get up early at least one morning to savor the serenity of the ambiance).

Exceptional Customer Service

If you want to feel like royalty, Breathless is the place to visit.

During my stay, every single staff member worked extra hard to make the vacation memorable and enjoyable to the maximum.

From the moment you check in, to the last seconds on the territory of Breathless, you’ll feel special and taken care of. Everyone is super friendly, and they’ll try to accommodate your requests. Even if you run into a situation, there’ll be a manager to address it promptly and help you return to having a great vacation.

Modern Rooms

Anyone who likes clean, modern and trendy interior will be impressed by the Breathless rooms.

Mind you; we didn’t get to spend an awful lot of time in the room due to all the exploration and activity opportunities. Still, it’s nice to return to a fashionable and fun place at the end of the exciting day.

All of the rooms feature modern furniture, functional bathrooms, and accessories. Everything needed for a fun, comfortable stay is made available. Cleanliness and hygiene are also above standard requirements.

The Food

There are nine restaurants on site. Even if you’re a picky eater, you’ll find at least one of these venues capable of catering to your needs.

Spoon is an international cuisine restaurant that offers most of the dishes that travelers are used to. If you want to try something a bit more authentic, head to Paloma – the resort’s Mexican restaurant. Breathless also has a French restaurant, an Asian, Spanish, Mediterranean, Italian and American spot.

Food and drinks are available throughout the resort. If you want to, you can have a buffet-style experience that’s typical for seaside resorts. Spoon, however, also offers food on order, which is a great little perk.

The Activities

Breathless Riviera Cancun isn’t a place that you go to just to tan on the beach for a week. There are dozens of things you could try and I recommend giving at least a few of those a chance.

The water sports facilities are there for the more daring and adventurous at heart.

The resort also offers free for use bikes – if you want to go on a little exploratory trip on your own, this will be the way.

Puerto Morelos, where Breathless is located, is a snorkeling destination. Even if you haven’t tried snorkeling in the past, you can make your very first steps here. You’re not going to be disappointed! Book your vacation to Breathless Riviera Cancun with Sunwing Vacations!