3 Travel Destinations Inspired By The Hunger Games

The finale to the Hunger Games Trilogy is finally out and if you haven’t seen it yet, I promise not to spoil it for you now (but it was so freakin’ good!!!). I’ve already admitted to having an obscene obsession with the Hunger Games. Afterall, I’ve read every book and loved every page of each of them.

In honour of saying adios to the Hunger Games, my friends from Contiki and I have put together a list of three travel destinations inspired by the movie . You can also get $100 off when using my affiliate code PPCMFAYE at checkout!

PS: there is a little surprise for you at the end of the read!

The Snow-Covered Swiss Alps

Inspired by Katniss and Peeta’s train ride through the snowy ‘alpine-esque’ disticts. As you watch the train wind through the snow-covered districts (*cough* ALPS *cough*), you can’t help but feel a longing to ski, sled, skate or play in the snow.









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The Home of Freshly Baked Baguette, Paris

Peeta, a baker’s son from District 12, is one of the most likeable characters in The Hunger Games and is a serious crush for many teenage girls. He is the perfect blend of muscle and raw emotion and if I was still a teen I would love him too! Let’s be real though, if Peeta really existed, he would find himself perfectly at home in a Parisian cafe. Home to freshly baked bread, pastries and croissants!





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The whimsical tree-filled Rhine Valley

Inspired by the gripping “Nightlock Scene” where Katniss and Peeta find each other in the unruly forest (that looks very close to the Black Forest!) struggling to survive. Those who love a good woodland view and picturesque greenery will find Germany’s Rhine Valley the perfect ‘escape from reality’. Especially when there are delicious fruits, strudel, Riesling and much more to be enjoyed. Rest assured. Hunger isn’t an issue here.




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  • Kristine Foley

    I can’t wait to see the movie! The Alps is on our list and now adding Germany! Such beauty!

    • Hi Kristine, I’m so happy you liked the post! Thank you for commenting! You’ve been drawn for the prize pack from Contiki!! Congratulations! Do you mind sending me an email to hello@livingboldly.ca?

  • Kaci Alvarez

    Wow these places look amazing! I love the hunger games and these places really remind me on the book and movie!!!!

  • Annia Hale

    Amazing places! I would love to visit them all!