Who doesn’t love a good Tequila every now and then?

copyright - www.anejo.ca

copyright – www.anejo.ca


“Spanish for the word “aged”, Añejo is not just a type of tequila, it is a way of paying homage to the roots of Mexican culture.” But don’t get confused, “Añejo Restaurant is not your Spring Break Mexico…Añejo is the Mexico that you experience when you get off the beaten path. The Mexico filled with tradition and authentic connections, where stories flow like tequila.”

It was this obvious love of Tequila brought on from 25 years of travelling to parts of Mexico, in particular the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, that drove the owners of Anejo to open a restaurant of this nature. This effort didn’t go unnoticed either, in less than two years the restaurant has made itself a staple among Calgary’s many eateries with it’s unique approach.

Añejo is a neighbourhood restaurant and tequila bar – a place where people can enjoy some food and drink with no expectations. Not fine dining but approachable food with a comfortable price point. We offer inspired cocktails from bartenders like Franz Swinton, Beau Lynch, and Luis Ventura – the three of which are some of Calgary’s finest. According to John Gilchrist: “Anejo is really about the party of Mexican cuisine”

Tequila – a story..

copyright - www.anejo.ca (actually on the wall inside)

copyright – www.anejo.ca
(actually on the wall inside)

However, this success is not without its challenges!  Owner Jeff Hines notes that “Añejo’s greatest challenges have been to try and offer the residents of Mission unique products, with value, without sacrificing quality. We’re spreading the word that we’re open for lunch daily – we’d love to see our Mission neighbours at lunch time, and we get food on the table in about 10-12 minutes.” Tequila with lunch?? COUNT ME IN!

“Going forward we’re aiming to keep our inspiration flowing, and stay ahead of the game.  There’s a lot of other restaurants experimenting with tacos and tequila…”

Let’s talk Tequila – everyone’s favourite topic.

“We only carry 100% Blue Weber agave tequilas, so they all come from a select few regions in Mexico.  Currently we have about 150 tequila types on the wall – which is the largest selection in Western Canada! Some of our premium options, like the Asombroso Vintage, Extra Anejo, or Clase Azul Ultra, Extra Anejo, are two of the best and most coveted in the world. We also use a very good tequila in our “well”, the Cazadores Blanco, which we use in most of our margaritas.  This one has a special agave forward taste.”

The restaurant sits in the old space of Fourth Street Rose. It was an iconic restaurant in Calgary for many years. Turns out that 3 of 4 of the owners worked at Fourth St Rose in the 90’s. We have always loved the spirit of the Mission residents. The response to the floods of 2013 is testament to the resilience of the community. It is a great place to be.

Still hungry??

Test your palettes with our favourites:


Their tacos are a personal favourite of mine [Meagan].. I actually crave them on a regular basis and they are affordable (like their entire menu) which makes it an easy choice.

Handmade right in front if you, this guacamole is unbeatable!! The experience of watching it is pretty amazing too.

Handmade right in front if you, this guacamole is unbeatable!! The experience of watching it is pretty amazing too.