Victoria Half Marathon

I recently read The 71 Stages of Running a Half Marathon about a week prior to my own race date and thought to myself “YES! This is SO AWESOME and I can’t wait to write my own after my run!”

Unfortunately for me, all the wit and humor I had planned for you  has been replaced with self-pity as I sit here post-race on Thanksgiving Day with Tigerbalm Extra-Strength all over my legs reminiscing about the way they felt when I hadn’t put them through 21 KM of torture.

The good news is, I landed a new PB time of 2 hours and 30 seconds.  The bad news is I just cant walk for a few days. No big deal? Sacrifices must be made for the sake of personal ambition.

The truth is I didn’t actually train for this run. I think the most I have run in the past few weeks is about 4 times with a max distance of 6K. Throw in a few soccer games and you have my training schedule in a nut-shell.

I was dreading this race right up until the morning of, but the moment you get there you catch the fever of everyone around you and start dancing and jumping as if you’ve been on the race cocaine for months. I kept up this little facade of excitement for about 10K too. Convincing myself that I was totally made for this! Oh the lies I tell myself to succeed…

I honestly have no idea how I managed to beat my previous time, let alone hit the 2 hour mark, but I am proud of myself for sticking it out. I lasted about 16K until the pain really kicked in and I started to get really sore. I felt it the most in my right leg which I had fractured the year before. The muscles around my knees, shins and ankles in that leg seemed to cycle through pain, each spot taking its own turn. Thankfully this only lasted about 4K.  As I neared the finish line I somehow found  my second wind and managed a full sprint for the last 800 meters as Ellie Goulding – Burn came on at the most ironic and fitting time. Then suddenly, just like that, it was all over. 2 Hours gone and it was only 9:30 in the morning! Great! Now I have the entire day to lay around immobile because I can no longer feel my legs.

All of this was worth it though. I may not seem very excited right now but it’s only because I wish my legs felt better so I could go for round 2 tomorrow. The emotions you get during a race and after a race make the experience that much more worth while. Pain is temporary and I am deeply thankful that I didn’t die so that I can do this again soon.

You’ll have to excuse the tired faces – we woke up at 4:30 to eat in preparation for this 7:30 AM run!

All images taken with my iPhone 🙂

xx Meagan