Strength for urban life

Noted as “Calgary’s premier fitness facility for downtown professionals”, Bankers Hall Club offers you a high end executive fitness experience in the heart of the downtown core. You receive first-class treatment from the moment you register with access to a full gym, yoga studio, spin studio, sports court, dining area, cafe, flat screen tv’s and couches to watch the latest golf game on post-workout!

The experience you get is parred with luxury, which makes up for the price you pay with your membership. In addition to all of their amenities, they also offer you a variety of fitness classes with a regular schedule, flexible with working hours. When you are a busy executive, it is hard to find a gym that can accommodate a hectic schedule, yet this place seems to easily overcome that. Our favorite classes are the yoga classes and the spin classes. We highly recommend ANY yoga class with Melissa as your instructor as she gives you a great workout while teaching you and (here’s the important part) guiding you through each move so that you can advance in your positions. It’s rare to find an instructor who pays such close attention to your postures in each pose, but she manages to do that without disrupting the flow of the class and without leaving you feeling like a yogi failure! She is positive and enthusiastic, and she makes a real effort to get to know her students, even the ones who simply drop-in. 

Shane, one of the trainers is also a great person to work with. He pushes you in all of the right ways, positive and yet forceful! For those less coordinated, he may poke a bit of fun, but not without teaching you the correct routine and form.

Bankers Hall Club is truly equipped to provide you with all your fitness needs by offering such a wide variety of classes and a large number of trainers for your perfect fit. They care about their members and that is reflected by the experience you receive each time you enter. Well worth the “slightly” higher than average fee!