“Pure” Bliss



Pure Hot Yoga

Pure Hot Yoga is a yoga studio in the community of Aspen here in Calgary and let me tell you that it is hands down one of the best, if not the best, studios in the city. I dare anyone to compete with them.

What makes Pure so different? The service and the instructors. The minute you walk into the studio you are greeted by name (unless you are a first/second timer) and if they do not know your name, they still treat you with that sense of familiarity we all appreciate.

In addition to this, their young, modern instructors and their truly inspirational owner (Kristine Murphy) add a spark to each class with their positive and friendly teaching style while still managing to provide an intensive, and effective class. They treat you as a friend from the moment you enter the facility, to the time you leave.

What is the Pure Environment? “We strive to achieve this [environment] by offering classes suitable for all levels of yoga, regardless of experience, flexibility, or strength in an environment that is welcoming, calm, non-competitive and spa-like. We want to offer each student the opportunity to share in the unique energy that is created amongst us.” – owner, Kristine Murphy.

The studio itself looks as though its out of a decorating magazine. The front desk is framed by a waterfall and the open concept takes you into a modern seating room that mimics the look of a designer living room. “Pure Hot Yoga is all about being Pure. We took this philosophy to heart when building our studio. PHY challenged designers, engineers, and trades to build the most environmental studio possible for the space we have chosen. Through out the build, everyone stepped up to deliver a fantastic end product.”



If you don’t live in the area, it’s still worth the trip. Trust us.