Much Needed Downtime

I’m sharing #Aveeno®advocates in my life as a sponsored series for Socialstars™


It’s safe to say I could use some downtime after travelling for many weeks and working non-stop. I have a few routines that I like to use to get myself into relaxation mode and lately I have been repeating them almost daily.

One of the quickest ways I wind down after a busy day is by throwing on a cozy sweater, remove my pants and remove my makeup with my Aveeno Makeup Removing Wipes and grab a cup of tea. I have such sensetive skin that I can really feel any of the makeup I wear. When I go to events or have meetings, I tend to feel even the lightest tinted moisturizer as a weight on my skin. It’s something I’ve really struggled with, especially in the fashion and beauty realm. That’s why its always one of the first things I take off when I get home. Coincidentally, it’s also that feeling of having a clean face that helps me get comfortable for an evening.

My Aveeno Makeup Removing Wipes do a really great job of soothing and cleanse while removing dirt, oil and makeup. It also has a moisturizing affect which helps prevent skin irritation. Apparently this is due to one of their special ingredients related to camomile! I love removing my makeup with them because it’s quick and easy. I can even bring them with me on the go when I feel like it!