Mixing Up My Routine

I’m sharing #Aveeno®advocates in my life as a sponsored series for Socialstars™


Since I’ve started working for myself, I’ve realized how hard it is to stay on top of everything I need to do. Everything feels equally important when you’re working for yourself, making it impossible to prioritize! Or at least that’s how it feels sometimes. I find myself working the same amount of hours as I did when I was working full-time and blogging full-time and I’ve realized it’s entirely my fault. I need to intentionally force myself to peel away from my phone, camera or computer screen and get back to prioritizing my time and my health.

Having my sister back in the city has been a HUGE help. She and I are both similar in a lot of ways and its easy to motivate one another. We’ve started carving out time EARLY in the morning to get a run in and I’m so glad we have. Running first thing in the morning has not only helped me get back in shape, it’s completely shifted the way my day looks. I’m more focussed, alert and motivated throughout the day. I also feel like this additional focus has allowed me to feel like it’s okay to turn off at the end of the day, because I FEEL like I have put in a solid days work throughout the day.

Another thing that has actually improved by adding running into my morning routine is my skin. I sweat out all of the excess toxins and have made a habit of cleaning my skin after each run with Aveeno’s Positively Radiant (R) Makeup Removing Wipes. I’ve also been moisturizing pre-run with their Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 which has been key for protecting my skin from the sun on my long runs when I am exposed to more sun! Ladies, I know we are all hesistant to put certain moisturizers on our face, but suncreen is absolutely crucial for your skin, not only does it help prevent skin cancer, the added moisture also prevents the signs of aging. Double win!