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Eddie Hicks 

Nothing more says “live fit” than a Canadian professional athlete.

Who is Eddie Hicks? He is a member of the Canadian World Cup team currently based out of Whistler, BC…no big deal.

He only gets to spend most of his free time travelling across the world to places like Switzerland, Norway and Russia while he competes and trains in one of the things he loves most in life.


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Sounds amazing, but it is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes along with being a professional athlete. “My average day depends on where I am.. On the road during training season it often looks like warm-up, technical training, gym/exercise. At home during breaks between training camps or competition it often is a lot more easy going, get up, do some homework or read, gym, take it easy maybe go for a fish or hang out with friends.”

Even through the intensive trainings, there are plenty of memorable moments for him. One of Eddie’s favourite memories was when “the 2010 North American tour season was over. I’d ended on a high note by winning the last event of the season. I was at home for a couple weeks before nationals. What do I do when I’m home between competitions in the winter? Ski pow of course.  I was on the hill and my coach had been trying to get a hold of me a good part of the day but I kept missing his calls, finally he got a hold of me and told me I had to go home, get a flight, and pack my bags cause I was heading to Spain the next day for the last World Cup of the year, which was about the last thing I expected. I nearly put my truck in the ditch driving home from the mountain. I went to Spain the next day, and on a whirlwind 6 day trip (travel, travel, train, train, compete, travel) I made my first World Cup final and finished 9th which was my first World Cup top 10.


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Big shout-out to Eddie for answering our questions really REALLY early in the morning while in Zermatt!

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