Snacking on the Move | Sahale Snacks



Today I’m sharing #beyondordinary in my life as part of a Sahale Snacks® sponsored series for Socialstars™

I have bad news, I haven’t quite been able to shake my Holiday diet of treats just yet. It’s like I need to be weaned off of the chocolate or something and don’t even get me started on the Egg Nog. Luckily, the Sahale Snacks Layered Nut Bars use an innovative 2-layered format, pairing a top layer of crunchy, dry-roasted nuts on top of creamy cashew butter, then drizzled with just enough real chocolate to satisfy my cravings! The Almond Vanilla Latte bar seriously tastes like a chocolate bar, only it’s good for you! Sahale goes beyond the ordinary when it comes to seeking out the highest quality ingredients for their products, making me feel way less guilty about binging on them. I plan on incorporating these into my regular snack routine as I continue to work on my New Years Resolution to get fit and maintain my fitness.

Diet is such an integral part of staying in shape so making healthy choices can go a long way. Unfortunately, making smart choices doesn’t always ensure that the food we eat will have the best nutritional value due to poor quality ingredients. That’s why I feel so much better consuming a product from a company who takes pride in the roots of their produce.

If you’re wondering where you can find these babies, check out the Sahale Snacks website.