Gift Guide for the Fit Girl (in training)

I don’t know about you guys, but it seems that every time my favorite month rolls around I magically put on a few extra pounds. I’m really not sure how it happens? It just appears! I promise it’s not the cookies and the chocolate or the Starbucks Christmas drinks…nooo… it couldn’t be those! Nothing so good can possibly be so bad! At least this is what I tell myself after eating a whole box of Christmas chocolate.

It’s also around this time that I start shopping for workout gear, telling myself the hot new leggings I’m going to buy are going to motivate me to run more. This technique actually does work for me. So in hopes of inspiring others who might feel the same as me this Christmas, I have put together a Gift Guide for the Fit Girls. Or rather, the ones in me!

To shop the post, simply hover over each image and the “hotspot” on the image to be redirected. Happy Shopping!!

PS. These Nike Free’s are on for $100 right now! Great deal!

xx Meagan!