Get Ripped!


We first heard about Jari Love through one of our founders former colleagues. This colleague was a successful mother of 2 (maybe 3) and was ripped.  We asked her once what her favorite food was and she said “steak and potatoes, I have to eat it all of the time”… WHAT? There is no way you can look that good and eat steak and potatoes on a regular basis. That is just not logical, and far from fair!

It was later that we discovered her REAL secret. She was an avid Jari fan. She had DVD’s and went to all of her classes at our local Talisman Centre. It wasn’t long after that that we started hearing more about this Jari and her “Get Ripped!” class that one of us decided to pop into a class ourselves. She almost died, but it was worth it! Her class schedules vary but you can find them on the Talisman website here

What is the secret behind the Get Ripped! program? “Get RIPPED! is a well-designed and progressive fitness workout. Each level of the Get RIPPED! workout builds on the previous. All five levels of this workout have specific goals. Special attention has been given to lactic acid accumulation and recovery within the workout that fits the metabolic goal for each level. The methodology of this workout allows for continual adaptation, since each level has unique rest intervals, exercises, and overall volume of work. Through this structure of programming, Get RIPPED! is applicable to both the entry-level and advanced participant.”

Are you interested in trying it out?  Why not check out the bootcamp to help burn off Christmas dinner?