An Easy and Affordable Home Gym Set-Up

I recently decided to start investing in a home gym set-up for myself. It’s a work in progress but it’s getting there!

I don’t think you need a lot to have a good base for a home gym. You only really need the basics for a full body workout and then you just need a good workout routine to help guide you!

Here’s what I bought for my home gym to start:

Gold’s Gym Adjustable Incline Bench
Yoga Mat
Medicine Ball
3 sets of free hand weights (8lbs, 15 lbs and 25 lbs)

I got all of these items for less than $200.00. Most of these items I ordered directly from Wal-Mart and they delivered it right to my door.

The bench was actually really hard to set up at first because I am not very handy. Eventually I got it right and now it’s perfect!

Here’s what I would like to add:

Stationary Bike
A Barbell

Unfortunately I am a bit tight on apartment space so the other two items will have to wait until we upgrade to a 2 bedroom!

Next week I will post a list of workouts you can do with this set up and an example of my new training plan!


Here’s what it looks like so far: