A Journey with Eastern Edge Training


Okay guys, it’s time to get a bit personal here. I’ve really fallen off of the fitness wagon in the last few months, well, almost a year actually. Playing soccer has really helped keep the weight down but my muscles are non-existent. Before life got 10,000 times busier for me I was running, playing soccer and practising yoga all week long. I take my body very seriously, as do most girls, and I’m a little sad to admit that I’ve let it get to the state it’s in. I may not be overweight, but I am definitely not “in shape” and I could tell that I had done some damage right away on my first day of training.

I’ve started working closely with Shon, the creator of Eastern Edge Fitness and I’ve already felt my body change in just two weeks of working together. I call him a creator because that’s what he is. He has created an art with what he does, and uses his studio as his workshop when he trains people. He’s literally working on you for the entire one hour session. He calls it his passion, but I truly think it’s an art. He works on “carving” and “sculpting” your body in ways you may not be used to which has really been effective for me as an athlete. Those of you who play sports may notice that your body gets used to a certain level of training. When you work out the same way, practice the same way for years on end, your body just kind of adapts and somehow, even if you play every day, you can still get fat!
When I say the workouts may not be what you are used to, I mean that they are actually unlike anything I have ever done in the gym, with a personal trainer, with a coach or with my body building buddies (Hi guys!) back in school. Although lifting weights at the gym has definitely worked for me, the challenge I get with Shon is something I won’t get anywhere else and the results have definitely shown much quicker than how they would have on my own.







Shon works using a method and a space that he created to be suitable for anyone he works with. It’s a 5 phase process that he defines based on each individual need. For me, I needed to carve out and start from the beginning and so far his techniques have been working for me. He blends my workouts with a mix of resistance training he learned from his extensive experience in martial arts and body building techniques and has even incorporated ballet and yoga into my routines. He’s taking my concerns and listening to them, he knows I still want to feel feminine in my own way, so he’s designed a workout that will fit my body while making me strong and lean.

Here’s how Shon describes his 5 Phase Process in a nut shell:

“The 5 Phases is methodical, defined and easy to comprehend, and my target market appreciates the simplicity and transparency of the process. As I stand inside my workshop, my walls are covered in tools, the floors are camouflaged in sweat, and my hands actively elucidating. I am a craftsman. “

The 5 Phases of the Eastern Edge
• Carving – Fat Burning
• Modelling – Muscle Building/Posture Correction/Shaping
• Casting – Solidifying Your Shape, Body and Core
• Construction – Teaching Your Body How to Operate Itself Using the Core
• Polishing – Dynamic Full Body Workouts That Make You Shine
• Stretching

“It begins with the body and shape Mother Nature has provided you. I begin the process by understanding what you have, what you want and what strategy is best to attain your goals. Like any good sculptor I follow a process that is detail oriented and logical. If you’re an extreme case we would start you from the beginning of the 5 Phases, if you just need to tighten up then we may Model/Cast/Construct simultaneously, and if you just need maintenance, then we just Polish. Depending on the person, the phases can be rearranged, grouped or paired according to the needs and goals of each person.”
Right now, I’m on Phase One. I know what you’re thinking, “how are you an extreme case??” – I am active, but I can’t do 10 push-ups without falling on my face. I need the strength in order to make it through the rest of the phases and guess what?? I’m EXCITED about it!

If you’re interested in a free fitness assessment with Shon, you can head here to book one: http://www.easternedgetraining.com/

I can’t wait to share more about this new journey I am on and I am so excited to be able to share it with you! I’ll even be showing some super embarrassing before and after photos in a few weeks – yikes!