XO Styling Iron



Not a lot of people know how thick and impossible my hair is. Okay, impossible is a stretch, but it is definitely thick! The unfortunate part about thick hair is how hard it can be to style. It’s heavy and ┬álong so curling it can be a challenge. Straightening it seems to be the easiest method , but unfortunately for me I am more comfortable with a few waves in my hair. Since I wake up early in the morning (and I mean EARLY) my hair would often get neglected due to the amount of time it would take me to do it everyday. Thankfully, my friend Cara from A Fashion Love Affair blessed my hair with her new XO Styling Iron which has literally made my mornings a breeze. I know what you’re thinking, “she’s probably just biased” , but trust me when I say this flat iron curls all of my thick hair in 10 minutes. This used to take me double the time with my old iron because I would have to hold the heat on my hair for twice as long which could actually damage it. Now, I ┬ácan do it using the XO Styling Iron without having to hold it for longer than a second or two and it’s rounded edges make it easier to spin without kinks! Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with this tool and although I may be biased because of how awesome Cara is, I would definitely recommend the XO Styling Iron and her hair products to anyone who could use a little more time in the morning.

xx Meagan