The Nerium Buzz


I don’t know about you, but I have been hearing about Nerium everywhere. My girlfriends have been raving about their products and half of them have loved it so much that they have started selling it. At first I thought, you know, it’s probably just another marketing scheme but then I had the opportunity to see the results first hand.

If you wanted to buy a product like this off the shelf, you would be looking at hundreds of dollars. HUNDREDS. Trust me, I’ve probably tried every high-end beauty cream you can think of simply because it’s a sensitive area for me. I’m not saying that those products aren’t worth it, because they do work, but I haven’t experienced one that works quite as well as Nerium for under $100. The product was created through advanced biomedical research conducted in the labs at Princeton and has been formulated to reduce the signs of ageing and free-radical damage caused by pollution and stress. So basically it targets all of the dry skin, discolouration and wrinkles on your skin and heals it using advanced natural medicine.

The reason Nerium is so popular is because of how effective it actually is. People want to talk about it and that’s pretty encouraging. If you’re thinking of giving it a shot, I recommend the night cream to start off with just to make it easy because you can sleep while it works and it’s a bit lighter on your skin than the day cream. I have really picky combination skin, and I found this one to be the best for me.

Another popular product is their body contouring cream which is just as good from what I have heard! Feel free to read up on them a bit more by heading to the Nerium website HERE.

I also loved The Glam Belle‘s HONEST Youtube review below: