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Dapper Ave

Created by former Holt Renfrew stylist and admired men’s fashion critic Ayaz Raja, Dapper Ave is your online source for modern male fashion advice. The website, dapperave.com, was started last year with the goal of showcasing men’s style with a European flair and a risqué element of class. “I’ve always had passion for men’s style and fashion,” said Ayaz. “I didn’t want to have any regrets down the road that I didn’t put my love for fashion out there. I want to have zero regrets in my life.”

Dapper Ave is his way of doing just that. Dapper Ave is heavily inspired by European style – from the back streets of Paris, to the finest runways of Italy – and is tailored to anyone who seeks to add a bold element of class to their wardrobe. “European Fashion really appeals to me”, said Ayaz. “From their hairstyles down to their clothes. Any opportunity I get to put on a well-tailored blazer or suit, i’ll jump right on it.”

Most of Dapper Ave’s success comes from the Dapper Ave Instagram account (dapperave), where he is contacted on a daily basis for style advice. Dapper Ave is also featured regularly by other industry critics and has even featured by Duchamp London. Believe it or not, Ayaz did not start Dapper Ave looking for the success or the credit he has received. “I just started it because I wanted to put my interest out to the public. It was that recognition and I knowing that my style was being noticed out there that made me more confident in what I do. It’s definitely a great feeling.”

What does Ayaz recommend for the everyday man?

“I know for some of you investing in a colour outside of your comfort level is intimidating, but you gotta try it out. The mustard yellow or the grass green may be tough to work your head around, but try out the dark cherry red. It’s dark, looks classy and the ladies will love it.”


copyright – Gucci for GQ Style UK

Looking for more? Here are a few looks from Ayaz’s personal wardrobe:

Dapper Ave 4

copyright – Ayaz Raja

copyright - Ayaz Raja  (one of my personal faves - a custom blazer designed by Ayaz himself)

copyright – Ayaz Raja
(one of my personal faves – a custom blazer designed by Ayaz himself)


copyright – Ayaz Raja