Schutz Shoes: The Shoes That Will Literally Save Your Feet



The title of this post is no joke. I literally wore these shoes for most of fashion month and they never let me down! I wish I could say the same for the other 12 pairs I brought with me… lessons learned!

These Schutz boots I’m featuring in today’s post are actually calledHappy and I’m pretty sure there’s a reason for that. They make your feet HAPPY! I was able to wear them for 16 hour days through fashion month, walking from one end of a city to the next without wanting to keel over and die. The first day with them was a little rougher than the rest because I hadn’t given myself a chance to break them in, but by day two it was smooth sailing and the rest of the month was a breeze.

If you’re looking for evidence, check out my Instagram feed. You’ll see that I’m wearing them in a majority of my posts throughout Europe because I just couldn’t help myself. Since I’ve been back, I have worn them almost as much as I did while I was away. (See post here  for more evidence). They have been the perfect addition to almost every look I have worn in the last month, which means I should probably consider getting them in other colours simply for the sake of adding more variety into my life!

Anywho, onto the really important stuff. I wore this particular look during London Fashion Week on the only slow day we had while we were there. Poor Cristina had to stand in the street as double-deckers went by just to get these shots. The dress I wore was from Aritzia way back in the day and I matched it with one of my new favourite vests that was under $20! As you can see, the boots bring the whole look together and make it look much more chic than you would expect for such a casual look.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be available in the suede anymore, but the black patent ones are just as chic. Check them out at and find out how you can become a #Schutzlover