Saving The World | With H&M


You and I are alive in one of the most interesting times in history. We are alive during a time where the people of the world have to make some serious and impactful changes for the greater good of society. We all need to step up and do our part to make the world that we live in a better place for us and for our children, and their children!

Environmentally speaking, there is so much that we can do to make a change and most of them are as easy as getting a cup of coffee in the morning. What are some of those things? Saving energy by using energy efficient light bulbs, using household products that are biodegradable and recycling your old clothes. The last point is the one I want to focus on today. Did you know that the clothes you choose to throw out simply get added to a landfill? These landfills are the same cause of some the greenhouse gasses that have lead to global warming.

If you read my previous post about H&M’s Garment Collection initiative, you would know how easy it is to recycle your clothes now. If you don’t, press play on this video and see just how easy it really is!

Big thank you to H&M for partnering with me on this post to help spread the word on making a positive change.