Love What You Give


Do you ever find yourself buying presents for people in your life that are well, thoughtless? We feel like we HAVE to get people gifts and when you are buying for the same people every year it starts to get a little redundant. I’m not saying it’s always like this, or that we are bad people for this. I think everyone has good intentions when buying someone a present, but I think we can all agree that some time, in the rush of Christmas shopping, over the years, we have bought gifts that aren’t meaningful or aren’t something someone would love.

This year I am trying something a little different. I’m going to get gifts that I actually think are worth buying for my friends and family members. No more bath soaps or socks, gifts that I know I would appreciate. Every year I am guilty for buying what’s easy, and what may be useful so this year I am going to buy gifts that I love and would love to give to someone else.
I know my friends and I share the same taste in fashion for the most part so I teamed up with Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy to show you some items that I would love to give the people I care about.








Jacket | Gloves | Dress | Boots | Scarf
A black cable-knit scarf would make the perfect gift for any of my friends, especially given the fact that black makes up 90% of our wardrobes. This one from Old Navy was inexpensive, and is WAY softer than the generic, itchy wool ones we all secretly hate!

The gloves and jacket from Banana Republic are the perfect gifts for a sister or a trend-setting friend. The gloves are 100% genuine leather and are fashionable enough that you can wear them with just about anything and still look cool. The jacket is cut in a modern over-sized design to cater to the friend or sister who wants to stay on trend.

These booties from Gap were a STEAL of a deal and are perfect for a friend or family member who is a minimalist at heart.

Now, the only problem is, I love these gifts so much I almost don’t want to part with them. Looks like I will be buying two of everything this year. Sigh.