Meet Jennifer Tiwana, fashion consultant and freelance fashion blogger at Fashionsign E-zine and  part-time  fashion stylist for Espy. This busy girl has an overpowering “love for fashion and thought why not just share it with the world and show people the different aspects of fashion”.

Don’t be fooled, Jennifer makes a point to separate herself from the regular trends and rules of fashion, pushing boundaries while still managing to handle her looks with class and elegance. “I don’t like rules especially in fashion, I feel like I’m the rebellious teenager in the fashion world. If someone says something shouldn’t go with something I make sure I wear it. I think fashion is an art and there’s no wrong way of doing it.”

Right or wrong, she does fashion well! What’s her favorite look right now? “Faux Fur EVERYTHING !!, oversize button downs and chunky knits.”

Check out the video and pictures below for some tips!

For more information on Jennifer, or personal styling tips, see her website http://www.jtiwana.com

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