All of Us Together

Jennifer Allyson and All of Us Together

Jennifer Allyson is anything but your average creative professional. With a recent PhD in Marketing from her time spent in Sydney, Australia, Jennifer promotes the arts through a number of local and international initiatives aimed at inspiring positivity and social transformation.

While Jennifer works independently as a Marketing Strategist, she also contributes a large portion of her time to the arts organizations, All of Us Together, where her passions lie in creating social change through artistic efforts.

All of Us Together has 3 focuses:

Artistic stories, international collaborations, and community events are promoted under the name: “Art House”. Art House was founded following Jennifer’s artistic collaborations with several artists she met while in Sydney, allowing a unique opportunity for international communities to network.

Jennifer’s fine art photography is a key component of All of Us Together. One of her fine art photography efforts on is the art print series Inspiring Femininity – print and digital photographs as well as personal stories of the women featured (in press, soon to be published in the online magazine, Elephant Journal). Inspiring Femininity focuses on inspiring women to live beyond society’s definition of what being “feminine” actually is. The series continues to unite Jennifer’s international ties, telling stories from women who live in Sydney and Calgary.

A vintage fashion line, “Wonderland Vintage YYC”, was co-founded by Jennifer and based on curated vintage fashions from her travels “throughout wonderland”.

The young entrepreneur likes to explore alternative venues for exhibiting her works. In 2012, Jennifer’s Inspiring Femininity series was projected using light art graffiti in Sydney above a local train station during the Sydney Fringe Festival, and again in Calgary at the East Village during the Fluid Movement Arts Festival. These exhibitions allowed Jennifer’s initiatives to transform public space normally used for traditional advertising into spaces that showcase images of real women.

Jennifer’s passion for fostering change and positivity within society is best represented in her personal mantra: “Don’t be afraid to take risks, to believe in 
yourself, and to open your hearts to one 
another – after all, we are all in this together.” 
It is this message carried throughout her various initiatives that make Jennifer an inspiring Calgarian.