YYC Cycle


Kensington will finally be getting a spin studio in March! Kensington has long been the trendy center of Calgary, full of life and culture and all things art. The villiage is also host to some of the best yoga and pilates studios in  the city, it’s  only natural that they up their game with a spin studio opening in March 2014!

We were lucky enough to connect with Andrew Obrecht of YYC Cycle to find out more about their initiative and what they are hoping to bring to Calgarians.

What encouraged you to open a spin studio?

“It really was the joining of entrepreneurial drive, passion for fitness, a desire for community and a little sprinkle of serendipity. Seeing the opportunity and increasing popularity of spin classes in a different setting, Warren Matzelle and Grady Topak began the journey of making their entrepreneurial leap into developing YYC Cycle-Spin Studio. Through fate, it would seem,  as YYC Cycle’s third partner, I would join and bring my passion for teaching spin and motivating others to the table. We three born-and-raised Calgarians and Alumni of the Haskayne School of Business at UofC then pushed forward to bring Calgary a whole new meaning of group fitness. ”

Why Kensington? (it’s about time!)

“We really think it’s about time too! At YYC Cycle we’re all about community. Kensington has such a great feel to it. The people are amazing and it’s a great place to start for small businesses. We feel that Kensington provides great accessibility for all of Calgary to come join in on a YYC Cycle class. The growth within the Kensington community is very apparent and we felt it was a great location for us to start the YYC Cycle vision. ”

What is your goal for YYC Cycle?

Our goal with the studio really revolves around our three pillars.

  1. The biker gang- As soon as you come into our doors and sit on the bike for the first time, you’re part of the biker gang. No matter age, weight or athletic experience. We’re all part of the biker gang. We want to celebrate our biker gang in overcoming physical and mental obstacles together. At YYC Cycle, we’re not in the business of spin classes. We are in the business of passion. We are in the business of positivity. We are in the business of motivation. We are in the business of overcoming. we are in the business of betterment. We are in the business of community. We are in the business of authenticity. We are in the business of HAPPINESS! Every person in the biker gang deserves each and every opportunity to experience those things and we want to grow the biggest biker gang we can!
  2. The YYC Motivators- At YYC CYCLE, we don’t have spin instructors. The dynamic of a spin instructor, we believe, is very hierarchical. People don’t want instruction in their lives, they want motivation. As soon as someone walks into our doors, they’re part of the YYC CYCLE biker gang. Our Motivators are there, right beside the biker gang, every step of the way to overcome any physical or mental obstacles they may have. Each Motivator brings their own unique and powerful identity to their classes to create an authentic platform for growth within our walls.
  3. Community- YYC Cycle is in the business of community! It is important to us to give back. In addition to several charity events that we will plan throughout the year, we also have our “GIVE’R” classes every Friday. Each Quarter we will select a new and deserving charity where all the revenue generated from these GIVE’R classes will be donated to. Calgary is known for it’s community and we believe that we want to be a model for that as well at YYC Cycle.
You can keep up to date with our events and charities by following us on Instagram at @yyccycle and on our Facebook page!

Will you be teaching? If not, what can you say about your instructors that sets them apart?

“Oh absolutely I’ll be teaching. Spin has been the most significant and positive change in my life. It has become so much more than just jumping on that bike. The bike has become an accessory to what happens in that room and I can’t wait to continue to experience this at YYC with the biker gang! In fact, all three of us owners will be right there on the bike with the biker gang every week! We can’t wait to meet you all and to sweat it out on the bike with you!

As for our motivators, what sets them apart starts with what they’re called. Just like the explanation above as to why we don’t have instructors, our motivators are a combination of the most power, inspiring and humble individuals to jump on that bike in front of you. Each and every one of them has such a unique personality that they will bring out on the bike. We believe that authenticity cannot be faked and I guarantee that you will find one, or more of our motivators that you will fall in love with and will commit to your journey of health and wellness with them! I can’t wait for you to meet them all. ”

Make sure you follow the YYC Cycle Facebook page for more updates on what this team of incredible people are doing. We are so excited for their opening next month!




  • Good luck with this new venture Warren. Keep in touch. Uncle Greg, Burlington, Ontario