What’s Your Travel Style?

Ever wonder what type of traveler you are? The back-packing, bungee jumping type or the artsy and calm explorer?

Maybe you’re like me and you’re a mix of both! Today I took the new #MyContiki quiz to see how well I know my travel style.. I even did it twice for the questions I was torn on! Sure enough I’m a High-Enegy and In-Depth Explorer.. so I guess I like to party and get lost in the culture of a city! I’m going to chalk this up to being unique and extra special, I mean if I’m two different types of a traveler it must mean I have so many more extra adventures to choose from!

The new #MyContiki quiz is an awesome way to figure out what types of places you should add to your bucket list and it even suggests trip plans for you. Pretty convenient for those of us who are too busy to try to map out the perfect trip!

What about you! What’s your travel style??

Take the quiz HERE to find out.

For some extra fun I’ve included what the High-Energy/In-Depth Explorer in me would take on my trip!