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Paris Fashion Week is one of my favorite weeks of Fashion Month. I mean the fact that it’s held in Paris plays a big role in that, but I love the way the city engages with Fashion Week and the support they show to their local designers. It makes you feel like you are a part of something incredible when you are there.

On Day 6 of Paris Fashion Week, we decided to stop by the TRANOI showrooms which were held at the BEST venue in the city – the Musee de Louvre! Talk about the perfect back drop! TRANOI is an international trade show of designers from all over the world. It was amazing to see how it came together after hearing so much about it. After a busy week of shows and showroom appointments all over the city, TRANOI was the perfect way to bring the week to an end.

The fashion culture in general is so welcoming in Paris. You can see so many unique styles around the city and no one seems to be following one trend. They create their own and it really encourages you to push your boundaries and explore your style.

For the last day, I wore a fun Ruffle-sleeve Sweater from Club Monaco and paired it with their Filipa Sailor Skirt which doubles as the most figure-flattering skirt I own!

The ruffle-sleeve sweater comes in two colours, Grey/Tweed and Navy/Burgundy. It legit took me at least 20 minutes of contemplating to decide which colour I wanted and in the end I opted for the Navy/Burgundy because it paired so well with the Filipa Skirt. Let’s face it, I own enough grey anyway!

If you’re planning on heading to Paris Fashion Week next February, make sure you prepare yourself for all weather conditions. It can be sunny and warm one day, and snowing the next. We found this out the hard way. My recommendation is to bring clothes that you would wear to transition from winter to spring!

You can get away with wearing a dress and a lighter jacket for most days, just make sure you wear a good pair of boots or some over-the-knee socks to keep you warm if the weather decides to change on you. PRO TIP: always pack a pair of flats in your purse, shows and meetings are often spread out all over the city and you don’t want to kill your feet by walking from place to place in heels all day.

Click on any of the shoppable images at the bottom of the post to see more from the Club Monaco collection! They are currently offering free shipping on any orders over $150 so it’s the perfect time to shop around!

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