What does your body type say about you?

I was reminiscing about the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty the other day and how much impact it had on our society. The fact is that no matter how much we all want to look like Adriana Lima, we may never be able to. Not because we can’t work hard, but because our genes, heritage or body type aren’t built the same way. That’s why it’s so important to understand your body type and what you CAN achieve with it.

There are literally a TON of resources available on the web to help you find out more about your body type and what it means for you. I thought I would put together a brief summary for you guys and give you some helpful links if you feel like doing a little more digging.

The three most common body types, what they mean AND key workouts for each are below:

Ectomorph: Long and Lean
You are usually tall and skinny by nature with a lighter bone density.
best workout:
resistance/weight training to help build stronger bones and muscles. I recommend using lighter weights with more reps to build up lean muscle. Try doing 3 sets of 15-20 reps using a 5/8/10 lb weight. 

You are usually have more curvy and have slightly shorter limbs.
best workout: your body type is made to be strong and sexy! Try heavy weight workouts for your body, but be careful not to jump right in and bench press 50lbs. You also need to ease into this just like anyone else. Start low, but use weights that you tap out on after about 10-12 reps and only do 3-4 sets of each. 

Mesomorph: Athletic  (I like to think this is me but I am probably dreaming!)
You know those strong, but lean, always fit types? You can eat a cheeseburger everyday and still look great? Yeah, that’s a you. A mesomorph.
best workout: It is said that mesomorphs can usually do any combination of activity to achieve good results, but I think this can also be inhibiting because you can plateau more frequently. The best best for you is a combination of activities, think cardio,yoga, weight training, swimming, cycling and mix these up throughout the weeks so that you are keeping your body guessing.

I suggest working out 3-6 times a week for ALL body types. There are so many benefits to exercise outside of fitness. Your mental health and your awareness can also be increased through regular exercise. Fresh air also does the body good so get outside and get some oxygen in your lungs!

For more information see the links below:



If you have any questions or comments please let me know in the comment area below and I will try my best to help anyway I can!

xx Meagan