Wander Tea – 14 Day Teatox

We all know I am a fitness buff, so when Caroline (Creator of Wandertea) contacted me to review her Teatox I couldn’t possibly say no!

I believe in detoxifying your body. I know it’s a fad and also somewhat controversial, but I feel that anything that helps bring out the toxins that we consume is a blessing no matter how awkward the method. As important as detoxification is, it is not something you should overdo either. You can risk losing vital nutrients and may even put stress on your digestive system if you are not careful. I recommend a natural cleanse twice a year.

What is so different about Wandertea? Well this teatox is safe to do as often as you like because it contains no harmful laxatives or ingredients. This tea is made in France and its unique flavor and popularity has made it a huge hit across social media platforms.

WanderTea Detox is a blend of green tea and herbs that aid in digestion and help to slim down while purifying and cleansing your body from the inside. Made from a single selection of green tea and plants, WanderTea Detox promotes digestion and can help you to accomplish and  achieve your dream silhouette by cleansing and purifying your body.

Simply take the tea three times a day per day in the morning, noon and in the evening. Personally I didn’t lose any inches with this but I did see an improvement in my skin and it definitely helped with water retention. I would definitely do this teatox more often just because of how rejuvenated I felt afterwards!

To find out more about Wandertea or to buy your own 14 day or 28 day teatox head over to http://www.wandertea.fr/ and pick your potion!

Thanks Caroline!

xx Meagan

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