Hi team! We are excited to announce a little promotion we are working on with a local online boutique called Vinca !! For the next 7 days you have the chance to save 15% off your next purchase at Vinca using the Promo code LIVINGBOLDLY15 when you head to their checkout! They have an amazing selection of unique jewelry and affordable and high quality fashion.

I recently purchased this Alexis Slit Tee and the Rowan Leggings seen below. The material and the quality of the clothes are amazing considering their prices. Let’s just say that I have bought much more expensive and way less comfortable clothing in my time. The best part is that the purchase was delivered in no time because they are based out of Vancouver. They even included a gorgeous set of earrings as a special gift to us!

Make sure you check out in the next week to claim your discount!!! 

xxx Meagan



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