Verlico and Me – Try it out!

So, I joined Verlico literally an hour ago and I am already obsessed with their innovative ideas. I believe this platform will completely change how local bloggers and brands connect in Canada. They are just starting out and have already built a system that is completely compatible with all of your social media networks and allows you to share and view all of your favorite looks in one space. Did I mention they are 100% committed to the growth of local fashion brands and bloggers alike? That’s right! When you buy an item thats tagged, all profits go towards that local boutique and I am proud to be working alongside them in the community.

Verlico also allows you to Like (Instagram style), Pin, Facebook or tweet anything you see on my blog by HOVERING over the image. If you like what you see please like the images and help me and the community grow! You do not actually have to sign up for anything to like an image, just hit the heart and it will help!

Don’t forget you can shop this perfect Fall sweater and every outfit detail at the bottom of the post!

xx Meagan