TriangL Swimwear

Reminiscing for summer today as I talk about everyone’s favorite new swimsuit brand. TriangL has hit the swim world by storm and for good reason. Their neoprene swimsuits are all of the rage in their home country of Australia and now they have become a hit all over the world thanks to TriangL’s modern yet sexy design.

I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to post this collab and had such a fun time shooting! Thanks TriangL for this amazing swimsuit. I can’t wait to wear it on my next vacay!

xx Meagan


  • Sandra

    Gotta lay off the carbs again :p

    • ash

      Sandra…. I find ur comment to be extremely inaccurate and frankly I’m dissapointed u felt it neccesary to make a comment like this in the first place. Its always sad when u see girls bringing other girls down. As women we should build each other up boost eachothers self esteem empower each other and support one another. After seeing a comment like this it kinda makes u lose faith in humanity. Grow up. Do u really need to be told ” if u don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”

      • Gean

        Whoa, the girl just made a comment. Relax! She didn’t even judge the girl on the shoot. She just made a comment on tissue inflammation that can clearly be seen by the swelling of the gut lining. I’m a nutritionist by trade and I deal with physically active and fit ladies all the time and its gluten and processed sugars that make a body look like so. Its not shaming. Just observational.

    • Jenn

      We’ll said Ash. It’s ok to have an opinion, or a preference of body type, but there’s no need to demean someone that is clearly fit.

      Meagan you are absolutely stunning and I think the suit looks fabulous on you! Great color and the photos look amaze!!!! Keep being real and being you 🙂