Three Tips to Survive on your own in Barcelona

Ahh Barcelona…such a beautiful city and so much fun to be had while you are there. There’s just a few things you need to know before going to this city and once you know them you are fully ready to take on this amazing Spanish destination.

1.) Beware of pick-pockets. Keep your credit cards, money and identification somewhere no one can reach.. at least without you noticing. I hid mine in my bra or just didn’t even bother to bring them with me when I left the room in the morning. I would bring just enough for what I needed and would hide everything else!

2.) Everyone will have “the best party in the city” that you “HAVE” to go to and the promoters will ALL try to sell it to you in the streets at night. Don’t be fooled, if you want to go somewhere great, stick to the clubs that are the most well known. My favorite was Opium Mar for its classy appeal and chic clientele.

3.) BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST. When asking for help someone might appear to be friendly and offer to guide you and try to lure you to a back alley to do God knows what to you. TRUST ME when I tell you this because it happened to me. He seemed harmless and friendly until he got forceful… I was backpacking and carrying a 50lb bag on my back when this happened so running wasn’t much of an option. I knew something was wrong so I threatened to scream at the top of my lungs in the middle of Catalunya Square if he didn’t let me go. This worked, but you might not be so lucky so try your best to be smarter than I was.

These are the best things tips I can tell you, the rest is purely up to you and don’t be afraid to wander all around the city… I did and honestly you will be so surprised at what you might find. This city was one of my favorites purely for its beautiful architecture and character buildings. I have not seen anything like them since! Here are some of my favorite snaps from my journey all taken with my iPhone.

xx Meagan



(Insert shameless travel selfie above)


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