The Perfect Pizza Night with Delissio

Delissio Rustico Pizza

I was feeling a little reminiscent of my time in the Mediterranean, so I decided to dedicate my efforts into creating a night in Athens AND Rome! Both of these cities hold a lot of meaning for me. Athens was the first city I have ever been to that taught me how to be comfortable being alone and Rome was the first city I had ever travelled to that I completely fell in love with. I actually dream of spending more time in Rome every time I go to Europe, which is a lot these days.

So what did I do to recreate my time in Greece and Italy? I created the perfect pizza night all for myself! I’ve never really been a fan of takeout pizza, we opted for the pre-made frozen pizzas when I was young (or just didn’t have it at all). The Delissio Rustico pizzas are my go-to now because of how healthy they are in comparison to other brands. One 1/4 of this pizza has about 200 calories instead of the usual 500-700.

Home made Pizza, pizza night, delissio

I opted for the Delissio Rustico Greek and the Quattro Fromaggi pizzas and added toppings of my own to make it my own version of Greco-Italian pizza. I also added some extra greens to make me feel better about myself because I had every intention of eating the whole pizza. Relax, it’s not THAT big!

After baking, I added a tiny bit of kale and premium authentic mozarella cheese to add a little extra punch to the already unique Greek pizza. Let me tell you, It was SO good! For the Quattro Fromaggi, I topped it off with some sliced black olives and red onion to add some colour and a pinch of greek!

delissio rustico pizza, pizza night

Another way to enjoy a good Delissio Rustico pizza is by pairing it with a pint of beer. There is a reason this combination is so popular among all of the frat boys in University. It’s cheap, and delicious! I wouldn’t pair it with your average cheap beer though. I would like to think that as we grow up we become more sophisticated. Instead, I would pair it with a refreshing light craft beer. If you don’t like beer, go for a white wine instead! Sauv Blanc anyone?

The night really couldn’t have gone any better, especially after the past few weeks of catching up on life after my travels. It was like I was able to temporarily transport myself back to the Mediterranean without ever really leaving my living room and I wouldn’t have changed one second of it!

Delissio pizza night


Try Delissio Rustico the next time you want to add a little stone baked thin crust goodness to your me-time. With authentic high-quality ingredients on a crisp sourdough crust, it’s the perfect pizza for #PizzaNight, and they just introduced two new flavours, Greek and Quattro Formaggi.

Delissio Rustico

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