Surifing in Tofino – #MMxLB with Lululemon and Vega



The day is finally here! We can finally show you the video we have been working on in collaboration with Lululemon and Vega! Michelle and I have been working hard to get you this video and I’m happy to say that we can finally share it with you.

#MMxLB is a project Michelle Morton and I have out together to share our adventures in fitness – the real way. All the sweat, messy hair and ungraceful moments included. Being fit doesn’t have to include a daily trip to the gym. It should be fun and full of activity and that’s what we hope to showcase with this project.

For our first adventure we decided to head to Tofino for a surf trip. It just so happens Michelle is from the island so for her this was a walk in the park… for me it was a little bit of a disaster. We’re no professionals by any means so we  got completely handled by the waves, but it was worth the killer upper body workout I got from all that extra swimming and paddling. Once you’re up, all that effort and frustration just slips away because that moment, that thrill, that’s what sticks with you and makes you keep going back for more.

Hopefully you love watching us wipe-out as much we loved reliving it!



HUGE Shout out to our team:

Music: Kill Them With Colour @KillThemWithColour
Production: Sarah Brownlee & Kyle Dykstra
Clothing: Lululemon #TheSweatLife
Fuel: Vega Team #BestLifeProject
Surf Equipment: Pacific Surf Co.
ecipe: Bridget Leeson, RHN, Certified Raw Foods Chef

We fueled up with a pre-workout smoothie recipe which we have included below and refueled afterwards with Vega Sport.

Our Pre-Surf Smoothie (2 servings):

* 1 serving of Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer
* 2 cups frozen fruit
* 1 tbsp Coconut butter
* Water & Ice

What We Wore:

Moi: Namaskar Hoodie
Meagan: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew



  • Well.. Yep. This is pretty much the best thing ever. Make sure to let me know what’s coming up! Need to keep fueling your adventures!!

    • Hooray! I’m so happy you liked it!

      We are already planning out the next one ! We will let you know as soon as we’re heading out for round 2! Eep!

  • Love the down-to-earth vibe the video has. The water, the light, the sound, walking barefoot on sand – it captures the feeling really well! More, please ヽ(^。^)ノ Greetings from Tokyo- Mareike

  • Love, love, love this video! The sounds of the waves & ocean? Yes please. I felt like I was there 🙂