If you guys read my last post on Shaw BlueSky TV, you would know how much it’s changed my TV experience. I’ve been using it for months now and to be honest, it’s only improved. Especially after the BlueSky TV integration with Netflix! I mean come on, can binging be any better than Netflix at the command of your voice? Let me pause for a minute and think about that… NOPE!


Before BlueSky TV, we were streaming Netflix off of our PS4. Everyone who has had to switch inputs and grab another controller knows this pain. Now that pain is gone, because Netflix basically acts as another channel on your TV. A channel that you can control with the same remote. The integration of Netflix into Shaw BlueSky TV means that all of your favorite episodes can be found in one place, and at the sound of your voice! Most of you don’t know this, but when I work from home, I often have my favorite shows or movies playing in the background. It makes the work feel less lonely sometimes, so having Netflix at my fingertips, streaming my favorite shows back to back is kind of a blessing.


I also am an avid binge watcher of super hero movies and shows, especially when I return from a trip. It’s the best way to wind down after a productive week!


Oh, and if you don’t currently have a Netflix account, you can easily solve this problem by signing up directly through your Shaw BlueSky TV!