Shades of Grey

Don’t let this post title mislead you. I have never actually read Fifty Shades of Grey and am not sure I ever will. However, it does make for a great post title for my recent shoot with! He is one of my favorite people and such a great example of authenticity like I mentioned on Monday.

We had so much fun getting creative shooting with this otherwise causal  fall outfit. I am LOVING this new over-sized bat wing sweater! So comfy and such a staple piece for this season.   Ironically, I feel that  the grey/blue shades of the image might also be symbolic of how I feel today…incredibly sick and currently wishing I was wearing this exact sweater at work today, but sadly I chose otherwise.

Hopefully my immune system is on my side and fights this beast of a cold off for this Sunday’s half-marathon. Otherwise this could get interesting..

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Happy Hump Day!

xx Meagan