Peyto Lake

We are so lucky to live in Canada where we get to experience beautiful sights like the Rocky Mountains so easily.

One of the things I miss the most about living in Calgary is how close I was to these gems we call the Rockies. I get some beautiful views here in BC and although we are still steps away from the Rockies, this side of them just isn’t the same.

We just don’t get the same views that you do in Alberta. Take Peyto Lake for example, this glowing blue lake is fed directly from the Peyto Glacier (below). During the summer, the glacier rock flour flows into the lake, giving the lake a bright, turquoise colour. The lake is best seen from Bow Summit, but there are plenty of viewing spots in Banff National Park like the one I am standing in below. I highly recommend you stop by and see it if you are passing through Banff National Park, it’s very easy to access from the highway. There’s also a beauty of a lake along the drive as well – Morraine Lake, also seen below.

You’ll have to excuse the quality of some of these- ¬†they were taken with my phone!

xx Meagan

Don’ts forget to pack your hiking gear when you go. Fashionably mountaineering ideas below: