Personal Shopping in your pocket!

Those who know me, know that I am a very efficient shopper. I don’t try anything on and I make a point of knowing my sizes and my return policies incase the item is really not working for me. I don’t like to spend a lot or make a big deal out of what I want to buy so I shop frequently online to save myself time and energy. In fact, I am so used to “efficient” shopping that I can barely make it through the 3 hour mall trips like I used to without needing a nap half way through.

How do I do it? Usually I go online and see what I like first and find the item I like and where to buy it. If the item is at a place I am familiar with I simply pick a day and go pick it up, in and out. If I can’t find it in the store I get it online. The most time I have spent in one store is probably 25 minutes and that’s usually only because it has more than one level that I need to plow through.

With the constant advancement of technology and Apple products, you can actually do all of this on an app now. I have tried out more than my fair share of these apps and when Mallzee reached out to me I couldn’t resist giving it a shot. Now I can never turn back! Thank you Mallzee  making it easier for me to buy the one million items I have in mind! This is probably a good  and bad thing as I really didn’t need an easier excuse to shop. However, I really do love the convenience. Time is money too right??

Why is Mallzee a fave? It gives you the personal shopping experience right in your pocket. It filters products they feel fit you and you can filter them in a “tinder-esque” way by swiping left or right to decide whether you like the item or not. In addition to this, Mallzee gives you access to shop online at all of your favorite boutiques like ASOS and TOPSHOP all in one place and you can share your choices with your friends via your social media accounts to get their opinions. It really can’t get easier than that… see for yourself!

You can download the app from the App Store or HERE .



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