Parisian Escape

Feeling free in Paris! This post is from my recent travels to Paris and my day spent at the Louvre. Most of you may not know how much I am truly passionate about art. I spent an entire day in this museum and could have easily been happy staying there for the remainder of my trip.  Everyone is obsessed about seeing the Mona Lisa. It is an absolute gem, but for me the highlight of the Louvre lies in the goddess Nike.

I have always had an interest in ancient mythology, more specifically Egyptian and Greek mythology. Seeing the statue of Nike tickled my inner youth and I was in awe. I spent about a half an hour staring at her and sitting next to her just letting my brain run wild with how she was created and how inspiring she must have been to the people of that era. For those of you that don’t know a thing about mythology (I don’t expect you to be nerds like me), Nike is known as the goddess of strength, speed and¬†victory. She was a descendant from the Titans and was a close companion of Zeus. She is most often pictured with wings and a chariot as she was known to ride through the battlefields rewarding soldiers for their victories.

After an exhausting but rewarding day at the Louvre, we ended the night with late cappuccinos and a sunset under the Eiffel Tower. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the night!

Below are a few shots from the over 200 I took on this trip! My apologies in advance as not all of these came out clear as I had only my iPhone on me at the time (traveler mistake #1).

xxx Meagan

July 8 - P6

July 8 - P13

July 8 - P12

July 8 - P11

July 8 - P10

July 8 - P8

July 8 - P9

July 8 - P4

July 8 - P3

July 8 - P2

July 8 - P7