Nike FuelBand

I am a sucker for Nike. I have been hooked on Nike+ Running since it came out. All of my soccer gear is Nike now thanks to my friend who convinced me to switch. I can’t look back! All of the pretty colours and the unbeatable quality and chic appeal? What else would an athletic fashionista want? I do have to say I do wear New Balance as my running shoe as they are a little bit better for me as a runner. However, my boyfriend runs in Nike and they fit perfect for him.




We recently decided to go fit-couple mode and get matching Nike FuelBands to add to our collection. A bit cheesy, but highly effective! We use the FuelBand App on our phones to keep track of one another’s progress and compete with one another to get more Fuel for the day. Using the App, you can add all your other friends who use Nike+ and view their progress and compete with them as well. The Fuelband can also be customized to track your calories burned and your steps and uses your personal metrics and body movements to come up with the right NikeFuel score for you. The band not only calculates your daily movements, it gives you a breakdown of how often and how intense you move and provides insight to improve. All of this is done in connection with using the App (available on both  Android and iPhone in case you are wondering) and you can start and sync any “sessions” that you choose if you want to track something specific in addition to your day.




What is Nike Fuel? To tell you the truth I didn’t know at first either. I had to look it up! Nike describes it best below:

“NikeFuel is a single, universal way to measure all kinds of activities—from your morning workout to your big night out. Uniquely designed to measure whole-body movement no matter your age, weight or gender, NikeFuel tracks your active life.”

I am still working out the best way for me to use the sessions as I have found for some reason my sessions stop randomly when I am playing a soccer game and I haven’t quite figured out how that part works yet. Overall the Nike Fuelband is still a fantastic tool and I am excited to wear it as often as I can as long as it goes with my outfit! I have the black one so it’s usually not too difficult.

xxx Meagan