How I Plan on Surviving the New Year



Every New Year I make a list of “resolutions” or goals for myself but this year feels a bit different. Maybe it’s because I had such a bad year last year, but you would think that this would actually motivate me to start fresh and get crazy ambitious. Well, it has and I can honestly say I am ready to take on this New Year but much less ambitiously expected.

I have decided to set some small  goals for myself rather than epic and sometimes unattainable ones like I used to. I did this because this year will be already crazy for me and it will be hard to balance it without the added pressure to achieve such crazy feats. I need to balance University, a full-time job, blogging, social media strategy AND try maintain my wellness routines while I am at it so I can be both fit and stay sane.

How do I plan on doing this and still achieving anything? By organizing myself to the max so I can keep track of everything in my new agenda by Design Love Planner and by using apps like Mint, iCalendar, Nike Running, SWORKit Pro and My Fitness Pal. The only question is, how do I keep track of all my apps??? I guess we will figure that out later.

Here are some of my goals for 2015:

– Run my first FULL marathon by the end of the year – probably the Victoria Marathon
– HiiT workouts 5 days a week (20 minutes in the morning)
– Run 3-4 days per week (4km – 6km in the morning / 20-30 mins)
– Yoga once per week (30-45 minutes on the weekend)
– Take my VegaOne every morning to get all of my nutrients in

– Hit a 3.5 GPA (UBC grades on a 4.3 scale)
– Organize and schedule my homework and study times

– Write 3-4 times per week, scheduling posts in advance
– Schedule Instagram posts
– Schedule Twitter posts
– Schedule email time everyday

– Budget travel costs monthly, adjusting as needed
– Pick and plan Travel 3  destinations for the year and plan 90 days in advance
– More local restaurant/cafe reviews
– Take advantage of payment plans like the ones Contiki offers to save money on some of my travel excursions


New Year Goal