My Thoughts on Being Professional #IAmDaysenWinter

My last post talked about how important it was to embrace our flaws and our struggles so I thought I would share with you how where this anxiety comes from and how I turn it into a positive.

With so much on my plate these days I sometimes worry if I can handle it all. I wonder if it’s all worth it or if I will am missing out on important things like spending time with my friends.

Balancing school, a career in the office and a career in blogging is a lot of work and none of that leaves extra time for the other moments I’m lacking in my personal life. I guess I get some of those through blogging which I am SO grateful for, but I do still feel like I am struggling to find a balance. It’s not unusual for entrepreneurs or business women (or men) to feel this way. Time management and work-life balance is a part of being a professional and I think for me it’s the hardest part. Naturally I am a fun, free spirit so when I struggle to find that time to be free I sometimes start to feel lost. Then something magical happens. I get an amazing comment from a reader, a new campaign opportunity, positive feedback at work,  or score a good grade on an assignment – suddenly it all feels worth it again. They help remind me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and eventually everything will balance out again.

The pride I have in these things IS worth it after all because all of them are taking me exactly where I want to be in my life. That thought is what keeps me going.

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I’m excited to see them all!

What I’m wearing:   Marc Jacobs bag (not shown) , Daniel Wellington Watch , Forever 21 Jacket (sold out) Similar HERE , Michael Kors boots

Dress from Daysen Winter






All photos by Christy Lum