My Sweetie Story with Links of London

links of london silver sweetie bracelet

This year I will be in New York for Valentine’s Day as its taking place Fashion Week. The worst part is I will be there WITHOUT my boyfriend!  It’s going to be tough to see all the romance blossoming around NYC but I’m happy that we have a few days to celebrate before I head out.

For us, spending time together can be rare. Even if we live under the same roof. We often have busy and conflicting schedules that prevent us from spending quality time together. To make sure we get special moments each week we decided to make a bit of a special ritual. Each weekend we carve out time to go to a café in the morning and just enjoy a cup of coffee together.  It’s usually a different place each weekend to keep it fun. That’s why I chose this setting to share My Sweetie story for Links of London with you.

links of london silver charm bracelet

silver charm braclet for valentines day

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I chose the  Sweetie bracelet for Valentine’s Day because each charm represents an important piece of my relationship – except for the “M” Which is just my initial 😉

I chose the 18k gold entwined heart  because of how beautiful it was and for its transparent design. I have problems opening up to people and the only person who has ever successfully been able to open my heart completely has been my boyfriend. That’s why this heart was the perfect (and the prettiest) representation for this story. I didn’t know this when I chose it, but it actually has 30 written on it. Maybe I will take that as a sign for how many years I hope to spend with him. I guess I’ll have to get another charm if to make up for the rest of the years!

The second charm I chose was the cross. I’m not religious, but I do believe that faith is the key to many relationships. I think of it as a reminder to keep the faith even when I may have doubts.

The third charm is for my initial. It’s a little less meaningful, but I just loved the style of the lettering!

Even though we won’t be physically together on the real Valentine’s Day, I’m grateful for the chance to share moments with someone who has changed my heart so much and I look forward to building our story together each year.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re looking for something cute for yourself or someone special, you can check out the Links of London  website and shop their Sweetie Collection for some loveable ideas!

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