Movie night by the beach

Words cannot express how much I love living in this city sometimes. Vancouver is so full of life and there is no shortage of activities all year round including a movie night by the beach near Stanley Park every Tuesday night throughout the summer! Something else I love is how excited our generation is to participate in this type of event. My boyfriend and I were surrounded by thousands of people from all ages, but it was nice to see that 80% of them were young adults who were outside enjoying the sun instead of being at home on the couch playing video games and/or eating copious amounts of pizza.

What did I wear while we watched Pretty in Pink? I wore my brand new Stingray necklace from Loris at Circuit Jewellery! I love the way it sparkles in the sun don’t you? Thank you Loris for your beautiful gift! I am so glad we connected so well.

In addition I also wore a Forever 21 nautical crop-top, my H&M drawstring shorts and my Ardene peep-toe wedges.

I had a little bit of fun with these pictures and applied some Photoshop “actions” to give them this filtered summery look, it was my first time so forgive me if it looks like too much. What do you think?


xx Meagan