Mindy Mae and her Market!


A few months ago we stumbled upon Mindy Mae’s Market after seeing our friend Eleni’s guest post for ConveytheMoment on their market blog. This little boutique online market caught our eye mainly due to the fact that they offered unique pieces at an incredibly affordable price! We did a little more digging and ended up adding 5 items to a wishlist (all of which could be purchased for under $100).

We spoke to the owner of Mindy Mae’s Market to find out a little more about what she has to offer.

“I was not the original starter of MMM, but what encouraged me to get involved and eventually purchase MMM was that I wanted to offer things to others that I really loved myself!  I wanted to be somewhere that people looked to for inexpensive pieces to add to their closet. I try to find and sell items that we are currently on the hunt for.  If something comes up that I think to myself “I would really like…” then, I find that item and  hope that others want it too!”

The goal of Mindy Mae’s Market is to provide a one stop shop for their clientele and grow their business through lasting relationships. “I love meeting new people through Facebook, Instagram, the Blog, etc.  The relationships are invaluable. The growth daily, is really just like a hug from “friends” that believe in what we’re doing. I just hope it becomes a destination for girls to get the things they love.  I hope we can continue to offer items they want, love, and have to have!”

Mindy Mae’s Market put together a list of Valentine gifts that can be purchased for under $30 from their website. Here are the pieces they chose.