Making a Statement






Those who know me know that I am not afraid to speak my mind or make a statement. Whether it is vocally or with my fashion, I believe standing up and standing out (in a good way) are both very important things. Making a statement in my mind means being noticeable and being true to yourself. It also means aligning yourself to your goals. My previous boss once told me that it’s always important to dress and act the part of not only the position you are in, but the position you want in the future as well. This advice has always been in the back of my mind since then because the value of impression goes a long way in this world. This doesn’t mean you should go above and beyond, or spend out of your means to achieve the look of someone with an income that is double yours. It means dress within your reach, but with the intention to impress and make a statement that you are ready to achieve and succeed in what you want.

This advice could be used in all parts of your life. When you’re at home, when you’re out with friends, at the yoga studio or working! Dressing to empower yourself is never a bad thing and it’s part of why I am so in love with jewelry. It allows you to express your personal style in so many different ways. Some of my favorite pieces happen to be from PANDORA. I love that you can change the bracelets to match whatever mood you may be in, or whatever style you might be interested in that day, or even that season. This season, I am in love with anything related to palm trees. Maybe it’s because I am in vacation mode, waiting for my next trip to a warm destination. These trees have always reminded me of an escape or another world more relaxing than the busy life I live. With this cute little palm tree charm on my wrist I am able to focus on my vacation/escape goals and enjoy wearing something I love while doing so!

xx Meagan

Designed to inspire women to embrace the self-creator within is a partner in helping to explore and craft a unique personal story to complement any style, every day. This is a reflection of PANDORA’s mission for more than 30 years – to offer women across the world a beautiful universe of high-quality jewelry products at affordable prices, which combines the modern techniques for high-end jewelry production with centuries-old craftsmanship. Love, care and attention to detail are bestowed upon each hand-finished piece from start to finish that brings to life the brand’s Danish design legacy and artistry while inspiring women to collect, accentuate, layer and showcase their individual style by embracing the Art of You.

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