Make your face


People have been asking me to do a make-up tutorial for a while now so here is my shot at one. I started with a bit of a base (primer + light foundation) to speed things up for everyone. Here are the steps of how I apply my make-up for photoshoots. To be honest I don’t do a lot during the week, I just use light foundation, brow liner and mascara because I like to keep it quick and simple in the mornings. However there is always a time and a place for a full-face.

You’ll have to excuse the bags under my eyes and the saggy-face look.. I took these first thing in the morning with only 4 hours of sleep!

1.) Apply MAC concealer to the T-zone (nose and forehead), under the eyes and on the chin to conceal dark circles and add highlights

2.) Using your foundation brush, blend the concealer into the skin until all hard lines are smooth

3.) Find the line beneath your cheekbones, if you pucker your lips like the photo the area to shade will become more apparent. This is where you will add shadows by applying a dark toned blush or bronzer. By applying shading beneath your cheekbones you are allowing them to stand out more.

4.) Using your blush brush, blend your contouring upwards by applying light circular brush movements in an upwards fashion.

5.) Apply your highlighting powder lightly above your cheekbones using a clean brush. Do not use too much powder or you will look abnormally shiny! Using a dry brush, blend highlighter and bronzer together to smooth out any noticeable lines.

6.) With a large, clean brush, dust over a light setting powder over the face to seal in the make-up and prevent sweat or smudging. I use CoverFX for most of my products because it’s hypo-allergenic and it is fragrance, paraben, talc, gluten and chemical free. It’s also very light on the skin and applies an even coverage with very minimal product…meaning it will last you forever!


xoxo Meagan